Friday, April 18, 2014

3 Interesting Facts on Fungi and Forests

       1. Fungi do not only support the forest with their well known role as decomposers, they also exchange nutrients between plants of different species via their common mycelial bond, which aids young tree seedlings to grow under the shade of the canopy. To read more about this check out Simard et al. 1997 Net Transfer of Carbon between Ectomycorrihizal Tree Species in the Field

From Snail Macro Photography check out the rest, super cute!

       2. Mycelium mats underneath forests can grow to be massive and live hundreds of years. The largest living organism we know of is actually a Honey mushroom (Armillaria ostoyae) that covers more than 2,400 acres and may be over 2,200 years old! (Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets pg 23)

       3. Abandoned logging roads cause all kinds of environmental damage from channeling storm water that floods streams with heavy amounts of sediments to eroding top soils. By using inoculated wood chips with saprophytic and mycorrhizal mushroom spores and spreading them over old roads the scars on these ecosystems can be healed and reclaimed by the forest. To read more on this- Mycorestoration of Abandoned Logging Roads, also where I got the pictures below. 

Spreading straw over the inoculated wood chips
Five weeks later!

       Hope you all have a great Easter weekend and I'll leave you with this other adorable snail on a mushroom picture from the same link as the first pic (*^.^)
                                                         Mandy Spring

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